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Sad Sign of the Times

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Custom patches have been a tradition in USAF Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) classes for decades. Students come up with various designs and vote on the one they like best, and the winner is worn on the sleeve of their flight suits for the duration of UPT. Class patches are generally martially-themed - after all, the mission of the USAF is to fly and fight. My class at Willy (84-04) designed a patch depicting a nuke plume with the Latin "Mors Ab Alto" (Death from Above) inscribed at the top. As I recall, this patch passed with a 100% vote.

Class 14-05 at Vance AFB, OK decided to do something different. Apparently there were enough "Bronies" in the class to push through the My Little Pony patch to the left. "Bronies" are male fans of this decidedly un-manly genre of pop culture, and...sorry... I am just so disgusted with this whole thing I don't want to finish the article.

But it's real -- and it's a real eye-opener as to the current state of our once-great USAF. What a bunch of fags.

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On a more serious note

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b2ap3_thumbnail_abuse.jpgThe CINC says the number one problem in the armed forces these days is sexual assaults among the troops, which obviously has no place in a professional military. The press would have you believe that life in the service is a constant rapefest, a place where servicewomen are constantly victimized by testosterone-fueled soldiers lurking behind every dark corner looking for their next prey. But what you don't hear is the real truth - more than half of the victims of these sexual assaults are men!

Male-on-male sexual assaults have spiked since the end of "don't ask, don't tell", but what's even more troubling is that according to the Pentagon's Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Office,  2% of the reported sexual attacks on men are perpetrated by women! WTFO?

The solution is simple. Form a special ops unit of those female predators in the 2% group and unleash them on the wildly mysoginistic Islamic fundamentalists! We get a two-fer here: frontline women combat troops (which will satisfy the libs, most of whom never served a day in the military); and a severely demoralized enemy! Hell, we'll even issue them strap-ons to help drive the point home!

As the nation's leading lab rat for social experimentation, the military has undergone some pretty extreme changes that serve to delfect attention away from it's primary mission -- which some seem to forget is to fight and to win.

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USAF Unveils New Squadron patches

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No editorial comment required...


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On second thought, here's our new DBOTY!!!

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This came across the Dooferbook ledger a while ago, and being busy I neglected to post it. But when you read this article, try to pull a little reason into your understanding of it. This Navy asshole (CINC PAC FOrces) says the "biggest threat in Asia" is global warming? Seriously? What about that fat little troll in Noth Korea threating to nuke the US? What about the Chicoms threatening Taiwan and every other US ally in the land of strong local brews and cheap squadron patches? 

Yes kids, seems political correctness has triumphed over common sense. We can only hope this guy has goats (no, not ghosts) in his closet, and meets the fate of those other tools that have risen to the top of the ranks in what used to be a kickass military! And why do all the recent douchebags seem to eminate from the Navy?

Read disgusting article

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State of the Miilitary

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Everyone's favorite ex-POTUS was on the stump for Obama yesterday, and speaks about the state of the US military after the last four years. He forgot to mention less weapons sytems, aging tactical and strategic air assets, and of course less bayonets and horses.

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